Step 1 - Select Your Connection Method.

We've made joining Pronto as easy as possible. If you are using TM2 , TM3, PPS or Click. you can integrate your diary to Pronto with just a few clicks, and this means that your systems are as integrated as you wish with the referrers you're working with. If you're not using any of the Patient Management Systems listed above the don't worry because the Pronto Portal is a perfect solution for you to post your availability and receive your appointments.

Simply follow the instructions below, and we'll get you to the right page and guide you through the process…

Select Connection.

TM2 and TM3 Users

If you are currently a TM2 or TM3 User then please Click Here.

Click. Users

If you are currently using the Click. solution then please Click here .


If you are currently using the PPS solution then please click here.

Pronto Portal

If you aren't currently using any of the listed Solutions and would like to connect though the Pronto Portals then please Click here .

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