How does it work for Referrers

Pronto is a simple concept that is now available to referrers. There are several ways to integrate clinics into your network, and in the most integrated option clinics you refer patients to are able to receive live bookings directly into their diary. Pronto fully integrates with packages like TM3, TM2, PPS and Click. As well as working in this totally integrated fashion, the functionality is also available to any practice who has access to the Pronto Portal. The portal allows access to a clinic to upload appointments allowing availability to be shared and appointment notifications instantly sent to the Clinic.

At the point of referring a patient to a clinic, instead of passing the patient’s details to the clinic and waiting for them to contact the patient, your staff can now book directly into that clinic’s diary.

They have the ability to search for appointments based on location, time and gender of practitioner to ensure the correct booking.

This securely transfers the patient’s details to the clinic (including optionally the case information), creates a patient record in the clinic’s practice management system and also books a confirmed appointment.

TM3, TM2, PPS and Pronto are leading the way in the field of integrated network management - improving the industry and streamlining the referral process for everyone from the Patient to the Practitioner

CEO Ronnie Johnston

Book straight into the Clinic's Diary

Pronto-for Referrers

Saving time, offering a better result for the patient, improving SLA delivery times and making your business as efficient and effective as possible by harnessing the latest technologies across the pronto network.

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