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Pronto transforms how referrals are made to rehab clinics – giving you the ability to book patients directly into the clinic’s diary in real time. So when your case handlers are speaking to the patient on the phone, they can book the patient’s appointment directly into the clinic’s diary – quickly and easily.

By becoming a member of the Pronto network you will get access to some of the biggest and best rehab clinics in the country and be able to book patients directly into their diaries.

Transform your business with Pronto!

Operational Benefits

Gives you control – the appointment booking is a key part of most service level agreements, so you can now be in control of this. You now know for certain that appointments have been booked – meaning you have instant appointment confirmations, no more chasing or waiting. You also know the date and time of the appointment – meaning more timely reporting data for your own referral tracking.

More accurate patient information, securely transferred directly to the clinic – using this system securely transfers the referral information directly into the clinic’s practice management system, automatically creating the patient record, clinical case and appointment. This removes the need for re-keying of information – saving time and preventing human error in the clinic.

Improve patient retention – with their appointment confirmed while they’re on the phone, the patient is much more likely to attend their appointment. Often when there is a delay (no matter how short) in contacting the patient, the patient ends up getting ‘lost’, which this system helps prevent.

Improved compliance with SLA times – taking control of the appointment booking process helps ensure your compliance with SLA times.

Access to the Pronto network of clinics – with some of the biggest and best rehab clinics in the country using TM3,TM2 and PPS, this system opens up the possibility of working with them, and in the most efficient way.

TM3, TM2, PPS and Pronto are leading the way in the field of integrated network management - improving the industry and streamlining the referral process for everyone from the Patient to the Practitioner

CEO Ronnie Johnston

Commercial Benefits

Pronto-the Process

A truly integrated solution for patients – you can differentiate yourself in the market by offering a truly integrated and patient-friendly referral process. Improve the speed of appointments being offered – with Pronto, you cut out the time taken for the clinic to receive and process the referral, and to contact the patient, thus improving how quickly the patient can receive treatment.

Work with innovative clinics – If you work with clinics using the TM3 and TM2 Practice Management system, PPS or Click., you can be sure that they have the ability to harness the innovations that Pronto can bring. Plus if your network has a blend of system capabilities, then you can also use the Pronto Portal which allows total access to the capabilities of the Network, using manual web portal access and options for availability and instant notification. So all the benefits of a totally connected Network, and a fast deployment of additional service.

Differentiate yourself to clinics – offer clinics a strong value proposition by delivering bookings and giving real cost and time savings to the clinic.

Save on administration time - The efficiency of the Pronto system means that referrals are handled more quickly and efficiently

Patient Benefits

Enhanced professional service – by using this leading edge technology, your patients will experience an improved service, cutting out unnecessary phone calls and points of contact for them.

Speed and accuracy of appointment making – Your patients are primarily concerned with getting treated. Through your use of Pronto, they receive their appointment much more quickly than before, with their booking confirmed – no more waiting for someone else to call them.

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