Frequently asked questions from Referrers

What are the costs?

Contact us to discuss how Pronto could work for your business and the associated costs.

We already have an existing case management system and/or portal to process and manage our referrals – can I still benefit from this?

Absolutely – this system can be used alongside your existing system to provide the appointment booking part of the process. It can be used as a standalone web based solution or integrated with your existing system for further efficiency improvements (development costs may apply depending on the level of integration)

Our referral process lets the clinics book appointments for patients – why would we change this?

There are many reasons to make this change, but essentially it comes down to the fact that up until now, the technology did not exist to let this happen. TM2 and TM3 provide innovative solutions to the rehabilitation market, and this is the next logical step – to provide better patient service and help all parties involved in the referral process.

How many and what types of clinics are using the TM2 and TM3 Practice Management systems?

Over 1000 clinics in the UK are using the TM2 and TM3 Practice Management system, all within the musculoskeletal sector – specifically physiotherapy, podiatry, osteopathy and chiropractic. Clinics using TM2 and TM3 currently make over 1 million appointments per month, a great many of which are from 3rd party referrers.

TM3, TM2, PPS and Pronto are leading the way in the field of integrated network management - improving the industry and streamlining the referral process for everyone from the Patient to the Practitioner

CEO Ronnie Johnston

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