PhysioMed has teamed up with Pronto to dramatically change and improve their current referral process. PhysioMed can now refer patients and book their appointments directly into your clinic's diary, securely and in real time.

As a PhysioMed client, you will also be able to send invoices and reports straight to PhysioMed via Pronto. This improves the patient's journey and significantly reduces the administration overheads for your clinic by removing the need for data entry and numerous phone calls with the patient.

What is Pronto?

Pronto is a service created by Blue Zinc IT, which enables users of TM2/TM3 and PPS Practice Management Systems to allow referrers to securely transfer patient referral information and book live appointments directly into your clinic diary.

How will I benefit from Pronto?

Pronto will completely change the way you manage your PhysioMed referrals making the process easier, quicker and a lot more efficient.

With Pronto you can benefit from:
  • Receiving referral bookings straight into your TM2/TM3 diary.
  • No more referral phone calls.
  • Sending your invoices and reports to PhysioMed via Pronto.
  • No more tedious administration involved in the referral process.
  • A reduction in referral overheads.

How much will Pronto cost me?

This is the best part, brace yourself! As part of the special partnership between PhysioMed and Pronto you will be completely refunded for any referral charges. Yes, that's right! Your referrals will ultimately cost you nothing.

But just as a heads-up see below for Pronto Network Charges:

Pronto via TM2, TM3, PPS

Setup - £0

PhysioMed Referrals - £0

(Referrals are charged at £1.20 including VAT, but PhysioMed will refund their users all referral charges)

Pronto Portal (Not a TM2, TM3, PPS user)

Setup - £5

PhysioMed Referrals - £0

(Referrals are charged at £1.80 including VAT, but PhysioMed will refund their users all referral charges)

I'm a PhysioMed client, how do I get Pronto?

There are two ways to become a user of the Pronto Network:

TM2/TM3/PPS user

If you are a user of either of the 3 practice management systems: TM2/TM3/PPS you can signup to Pronto Network in just a few steps.

Pronto Portal

If you are not a user of the above practice management systems, there is a very quick and easy solution - The Pronto Portal. The Pronto Portal is a standalone online diary where you can share your availability with PhysioMed to allow them to book appointments for you. When bookings from PhysioMed are made you'll be notified instantly by email and text, making Pronto the easiest way to get referral bookings with the least amount of administrative effort.

Important Note Before Setup

One requirement, set by PhysioMed is that all practitioners who receive referrals from PhysioMed via Pronto must be 4 years post qualified.