How does Pronto work?

Pronto completely streamlines the referral process by enabling referrers to book patients directly into your diary in real time.

TM3 & TM2 Hosted, PPS and TM2Click* Users

As members of the Pronto Network, TM3, TM2, PPS and Click. users will have patient appointments made directly into their diary, in real time, by the Pronto network referrers.

The referrers will be able to:

  • Send the referral safely and securely into your system
  • Create the patients record ready for your system
  • Book the initial appointment into your diary

This is all done quickly, easily and automatically – with no need for you to be involved. You can rest assured that patient and business confidentiality will remain secure as access to your diary by the referrers is limited to available appointment slots which you decide and remains under your control.

So with minimal effort on your part you can have your diary filled with referral appointments, leaving you time to focus on building the other parts of your business.

Other System Users

As other system users host their own data and therefore cannot operate fully in real time, the Pronto online portal will allow you to notify diary availability to referrers so that they can still book patient appointments for you. Although your diary on the portal will be updated automatically you will receive notification from the referrer that the appointment has been made instantly and then you will need to update your own diary accordingly.

TM3, TM2, PPS, Click. and Pronto are leading the way in the field of integrated network management - improving the industry and streamlining the referral process for everyone from the Patient to the Practitioner

CEO Ronnie Johnston

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