Working with referral companies can be complex and involve a lot of administration, particularly when booking patients into the diary for an initial appointment. This can often involve a number of phone calls, leaving voicemails and other time consuming tasks.

Pronto completely streamlines the referral process by enabling referrers to book patients directly into your diary in real time.

Pronto is fully integrated with the market leading Practice Management systems for MSK rehab clinics. These include TM3, TM2, PPS and Click.

Many of the biggest referral companies in the UK are members of the Pronto network and are already providing TM3, TM2, PPS and Click. clinics with an increased number of appointments.

With Pronto, we are improving the industry and streamlining the referral process for everyone from the Patient to the Practitioner

CEO Kyle Lunn


Once the clinic has been selected, in real time your availability can be shown on the referral company's screen.

All they can see is the selection of appointments that the clinic has made available, all your diary activities except for the availability are hidden from the referrer

The operator can book the appointment with the patient in real time, in one phonecall, without any disruption to you or your clinic, and your diary will be updated in real time

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